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Meher Baba

All the proceeds from the sale of all my properties are to be used in paying off promised sums and to provide for the immediate needs of those whom I myself have made dependent on me. Nothing is required for me and for those who go with me. Therefore, we have to see the best we can do for them — those unable to come with me and those who are to be with me after October 15th.

I do not want anyone depending upon me to be suddenly left in the lurch materially. The question of spiritual benefits does not arise at all. That depends upon whether I am or I am not Perfect.

As it is, we have, so to say, one rupee in hand against ten rupees to be spent, in order to provide at least for the immediate and minimum requirements of all concerned. Be absolutely honest in giving your opinions, answers and suggestions. Keep sentiments apart. Don't be vague. Say exactly what you think and how you feel.

You should not say, "Baba, your will."

Only a few of us are here [Mandali Hall, Meherabad, August 15, 1949] to arrive at a decision that concerns many of us. The women mandali also are going to be disbanded. Whatever we decide here is, therefore, going to be binding on the women, and will affect everyone connected with me in one way or the other. I am going to decide everything within these ten days.

Do not be misled by my apparently eccentric habits and customs up to now. For example, I have definitely decided to give up Meherazad in October, and yet I have given instructions to Padri to have electric fittings done as soon as he can. This is due to my old habit of maintaining the old order of things right up to the moment I actually start upon anything new.

It may be madness, it may be method, but that has been my habit. Now I am also going to put an end to my habits and customs. So when I say the "End," now it means nothing but End.

Do not remain under the impression that it will be otherwise. I want to be absolutely free from everything and everybody. There will be no compromise about anything now.

I am becoming ghutt — hardened,
                        naffat — callous,
                        and naked — penniless.

Remember the proverb: "Even God is afraid of the naked!"


LORD MEHER, 1st USA ed, vol. 9 & 10, p. 3385, Bhau Kalchuri
1996 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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