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Meher Baba (via Norina Matchabelli)

You cannot experience the infinite divinity, which is within you, by clinging to the limitations of the intellect, even as you cannot span the expanse and the depths of the unfathomable ocean by means of a small pot.

God in man is gradually striving to reclaim the spirit from the encroachments of the dry intellect by setting up an advancing and redeeming love, so that the separative intellect is transmuted into integrative vision. The havoc, which is wrought by the falsification of the analytical, dissective and abstract intellect, has to be amended by the unifying, constructive and indivisible intuition. The ever recurring controversies between the mind and the heart have to be permanently settled by bringing about their inter-fusion in higher intuition. This is possible only through the Truth-conveying Grace of God, who becomes Personal in the form of the Master....

Those who come to me shall know the Truth. That is why I have come. But they should not come to me for worldly purposes. Blessed are those who come with the utter simplicity of faith; for they shall inherit the Truth, much sooner than those, who seek merely through the intellect. Those, who exclusively rely upon their own dry and limited intellect, will merely become calculators; but those who, in their faith, are prepared to live and die for Truth, shall take risks for the same and inherit it.

To realize the Truth is to attain self-mastery in every moment of experience. It is freedom from all fear. It is the simplification of life through irresistible sincerity. You may be quite near this goal without consciously knowing it. The signal of the Master may come when you least expect it. It comes when the disciple is beyond fooling himself. It always comes as the confirmatory benediction from the Eternal Witness. It is not the development of clairvoyance or clairaudience, but the mounting up to the unshakable certainty of realized Truth, which will enable man to stand steadfast by the Truth, even in the midst of the sceptical and deriding antagonism of the outer-world.

To have the daring to live in the Truth and for the Truth, even when assailed by the onslaughts of those who are spiritually ignorant ... this is the unsurpassable gift from the Master. Let the disciple keep himself vigilantly free from the deceptive self-complacency of his flattering imagination, until he receives this priceless gift. But when he is fortified with this gift, nothing can swerve the disciple from the Truth. Beyond all hopes and fears, he has become firm like a rock, which withstands many a storm and lightning.

The true disciple is never in any hurry to declare his spiritual attainments to the world. Even when he finds himself upheld by the inwardly sustaining authority of perceived Truth, he awaits, with infinite patience, the sign of the Master. There are on the Path many stops of self-delusion, and any premature descent in the outer world, with the cloak of final authority, must inevitably invoke reactions, which thwart and arrest further spiritual advancement.

The testifying and confirmative Grace of the vigilant Master does not wait even for a second, when the disciple is fully established in the Truth. Let the disciple remain fully self-possessed in the unruffled calmness of his attainment, without yielding to the world-ward promptings of his mind, until he gets the unfailing assurance from the Masterís descending Grace. The disciple puts the order of the Master first and the order of the Master last.

The path is easy and joyous if you do not put the impediments of lust, greed, anger or envy, in the manifestation of the love, which wells up from the Divinity within. To resist love is to resist Truth; it is to cling to those very shackles of the ego-life, which cause unending suffering and severely limiting narrowness of being. There is no one else, who holds you down in shackles except yourself; and there is nothing else to do except throw away those shackles, to which you fondly cling through self-delusion.

The domain of Truth-conscious existence is not remote from the domain of separative ignorance; and you do not have to cross any stretch of miles to go from ignorance to Truth. When ignorance is shed, the Truth is already then and there a fact of unclouded experience. It does not have to be laboriously sought or achieved through frantic efforts....

The Path also lies through the realm of delusion; and the point of progress on the Path is determined by how far the state of consciousness is illumined by the Truth. A denser delusion can be dispelled by a thinner delusion. The Light of Truth comes more freely through the inner delusion. One delusion is substituted by another delusion, and one false imagination is given up in favour of another false imagination, until the aspirant is brought round to the Reality-consciousness, in which he accepts and becomes the one indivisible Truth. He has to surrender the idea of being a separate and limited self and realize himself as God....

You have not realized God, if you can not live the life of God. To make you live in God and for God and to give you the abiding realization that you are God, in every phase and aspect of your life ... this is my Mission.


NORINA'S GIFT, pp. 85-91, Christopher Wilson & Charles Haynes
1997 © EliNor Publications


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