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Judith Garbett

The next morning after further entertainment there was an opportunity to be with Mehera again. She told me, 'Hold on to His skirt, daaman, whatever happens. He used to shake the hem of His dress to show how only the true ones would hold on through everything.' She then said, 'You love Baba very deeply. Make sure you hold on to Him. There is no need to tell you that. Love Him more and more. He loves you.'

She went on, 'I didn't see you yesterday.' I told her we had been taken to the Baba places and she asked 'Baba's Room? You felt His Presence there?'

'Yes, it was so strong and beautiful.'

She said again, 'It is good you have obeyed Baba's wish and come now.'

Then I talked a little with the other mandali. I felt as though I had known them all before, and love and peace and gentleness seemed to flow from them wordlessly.


LIVES OF LOVE, Mehera, Part 1, p. 4
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