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Judith Garbett

Mehera did not hesitate to speak out firmly if pilgrims were thoughtless about anything to do with Baba. For instance, one morning on the porch she told someone who had put Baba's photo on the floor never to do that. At Meherabad she would anxiously say to some newcomers that the flowers or garlands they were offering to Baba must not be allowed to fall or touch the floor.

At one time she made it very clear to those present that one should not smell the perfume of a flower before offering it to Baba because then it would not be given wholly to Him — 'Baba must always come first,' she said. At Meherazad she asked people who had touched their shoes to wash their hands before going into Baba’s Room. In these and similar situations she would remind all to be more aware of their actions, to think more about Baba and what would be pleasing to Him.


LIVES OF LOVE, Mehera part 1, p. 1
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