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Mani S. Irani

It was a hazy morning. Baba was sitting on a wide marble floor with His lovely bare feet crossed one over the other. He was wearing His white sadra, with soft folds that glowed as if a candle had been lit within. There were marble columns symmetrically spaced around Him and people sauntered in and out of them with ease.

The strange thing was that no matter which two columns you entered through, you always faced Baba. Moreover, once you entered through the columns, silence enveloped all things.

Strangely, in this dream of mine, Baba was the only one who talked, and then only in a whisper which I could barely catch. But I clearly heard Him when He whispered to me these three words, "Beautiful" ... "Bountiful" ... "Blissful" ...

While I was absorbed in working out what this meant, Baba spoke sharply, "Did you hear Me?"

"Yes I did, Baba."

"Then repeat it!"

And when I repeated the three words He had given me, their meaning unfolded within me:

"beautiful" = Knowledge, "bountiful" = Power, "blissful" = full of Bliss.

But for me the most important part of the dream was the moment when I was trying to catch Baba's whisper. That is when I had the chance to be nearer to Baba. Gently I placed a hand on one of His shoulders and rested my head on the other. This was my eternal moment — All Beauty, All Bounty, All Bliss.


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