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David Fenster

On Wednesday, 31 January [1968], Baba called a few close lovers to Meherazad for a meeting, at which he reiterated the above plans to continue his seclusion until the end of March During the meeting, he also made an extraordinary, sudden announcement. He again spoke of Mehera as his Radha and then said:

"One special event for you all today is to see Mehera for the first time. Men have not seen Mehera. Say, 'Jai Baba' to her, and she will reply with 'Jai Baba'....

"Mehera's love for me is 100 percent pure. It is not like others loving Baba. All these years she has been with me and has been as pure as can be. She has no lustful thoughts or desires — not even for her 'Krishna,' nothing at all. Her sole purpose in life is to love me."

Baba left mandali hall and soon called the men to the women's side, where he was seated on the verandah of the house. Mehera was standing on his righthand side; no other women were present. [Goher was on the men mandali side at a distance, behind the crowd]. The mandali and a few male visitors stood on the ground in front of the porch. Mehera was nervous, but Baba had prepared her days in advance. "Don't worry," he had assured her, "I'll be there. You stand next to me. Fold your hands and say, 'Jai Baba'."

"A few days before, Baba told me I should put on a sari," Mehera related. "He was calling a few Baba lovers from Nagar and elsewhere, a group of men, and I have to say Jai Baba to them. He explained that he would be with me. Baba was wearing a bright peacock-green coat. I was wearing a green sari. (I like dull, dark green, not shining.)

The men were called and stood on the ground. Baba smiled and said, 'Say Jai Baba to them.' I did, and they said, 'Jai Baba.'

Again I said, 'Jai Baba.' Baba gave his hand to me to kiss. I kissed it, and Baba said, 'Now you can go inside.'"...

All of the women mandali felt that this indeed was a momentous occasion. Nothing like it had ever happened before.... Mehera had been kept isolated for more than 40 years....

Mehera herself concluded the same thing: "From that day, I knew that it was all right for me to speak to men. I felt shy and a bit awkward, but Baba was near me, so I felt brave enough to speak. Now, I feel like you all are Baba's children, so you are my children also."


MEHERA-MEHER, A Divine Romance, Vol 1, pp. 426-427
2003 © David Fenster


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