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Rano Gayley

Baba also had Ramjoo give us Urdu lessons, a difficult task for him because we all had different ideas of what having Urdu lessons meant. Ramjoo's patience was tried to the utmost as one westerner wanted only enough words to be able to communicate with the cook, another wanted the grammatical reason for everything and still another wanted to know why something was spelled this way one day and that way another day. With all our fussing, we learned practically nothing and whenever Baba looked in to see how we were doing, he shook his head and gestured, "This is hopeless!" and it was.

Many times Baba would give us discourses but he didn't want them to be written down so they're lost except for people's memories which aren't that reliable. Other times we played games with Baba or just sat and talked with him. One night we put on a fancy dress skit with prizes for the best and funniest costumes — Baba always loved that sort of thing.


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