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Suddenly she felt weightless and as if floating; together they went hand in hand up the hill. That beautiful experience ascending alone with Baba sealed her fate with the Avatar. "It was there," Rano remembered, "that I really began to realize that I was in contact with the Avatar."

Lord Meher, Vol 6, p. 1895


Baba Drew Us All With Love At First
We had to learn to get on with each other. And little by little, I began to see that I had to do something about this temper of mine.
I Had Such A Fiery Temper
Baba had to get that out of my system, and the only way was for me to work it out on others, and then hear myself and learn to control that temper.
I Wanted To Keep It To Myself
I said, "Yes, Baba, it's something I'll never forget."
Baba Is Doing All This For Us
We walked out of the room with our heads down. Baba had made it very clear that his work did come first, and it was something that we had to experience.
What On Earth Was Happening To Me
I wasn't breathless; I didn't have to hurry to keep up with him. I just went floating up the hill hand in hand with Baba.
We All Had Different Ideas
Many times Baba would give us discourses but he didn't want them to be written down so they're lost except for people's memories which aren't that reliable.

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