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Mani S. Irani

One afternoon Baba was resting in His room. He had body aches and He looked tired. He was lying on His back, eyes closed, and gestured to us to press His hands and legs. We arranged ourselves on both sides of His bed sitting on our little wooden seats. We began pressing His hands and legs — this massaging the elder of a household is not an unusual practice among Indian families.

After a while, Baba, His eyes still closed, snapped His fingers and gestured to us to stop. We withdrew our hands to our laps, but did not rise in case a creaky seat disturbed His rest.

Whilst silently sitting there looking at Beloved Baba's form, I felt wave upon wave of purity emanating from Him. I recognized this purity just as a blind man sitting in front of an ocean senses by the fresh tang of the salt air reaching him that he is facing the ocean.

I was overwhelmed and awed by the experience and heard myself say inwardly, "So, God is not only supreme Love but also supreme Purity."


LIVES OF LOVE, Judith Garbett, Mani 1, p. 5
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