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Dr. H. P. Bharucha

Baba got down from the car and the big iron gates of Meher Cottage [in Navsari, January 29, 1956] were locked behind Him. Thousands who had walked with the car now gathered on the road outside the gates. They blocked all traffic. The gang of Parsee boys watched the crowd and heard them shout "Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai" which resounded up to the heavens. The gang somehow mustered courage and began to boo — "Meher Baba murdabad, Meher Baba chale jao, Meher Baba show us a miracle." While these boys shouted these slogans, their voices were drowned in the cheers of Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai. It was like a storm in a tea cup. This was unprecedented in this Avataric period.

I was on the front veranda of Meher Cottage, and on hearing these boys, my temper knew no bounds. I sprang up to go and blast them to dust but was held back by several volunteers. I fought with those holding me. Baba was immediately informed about this stir and He called me in. He was seated on a chair and I entered all ruffled up. Baba made me sit on the ground to His left and very simply gestured, "Sit here till I ask you to leave!"

Baba exhorted all who were inside Meher Cottage to keep calm and not get excited, nor scold the boys. He said, "Be absolutely unmindful of the slogans. It is I who am shouting these slogans through the boys. It is I who do everything because there is no one besides me."

He further warned: "None should express resentment towards the slogans nor should anyone disturb the boys in any way. All should peacefully and cheerfully face the situation. As I am in all, I am in them too. As I enjoy the cheers from my devotees, I also enjoy simultaneously the amusing slogans from others. Those who cheer me and those who jeer at me are both equally ignorant. The ignorance of one is a pleasure, whereas the ignorance of the other is amusing. None is at fault; none knows me as I am. They too are repeating my name when they shout the slogan of Meher Baba murdabad. It suffices when one remembers me, whether it be through devotion or derision. They are all innocent. Let them shout. I am enjoying it very much."


THE AWAKENER MAGAZINE, Vol. 14, No. 1, p. 9
1971 © Universal Spiritual League of America, Inc.


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