Symbols of the world's religions


Adi K. Irani

Blows I Have Had In My Life
Baba became "furious" and this was the first lesson I got from him.
You Would Be Absolutely Wonder-Struck
You may call it a coincidence, but it was not so in my case.
Keep Away From Any Homage
I could have become a very big guru, sir, with a black beard and robe, but gurus are not wanted in Baba's family.
Wake Up
Baba says that He resides in our hearts twenty-four hours of the day, and if we really want to see Him and feel Him — feel His presence — we can do it.
We Have To Begin With Ourselves
Any Baba person who has come out to do Baba's work with a sincere heart, life and character should say, "Maybe I was something else yesterday, today I make a determination to lead the life Baba wants me to lead," and then come out into the world and make an effort to do His work.

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