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Part Seventeen

Lyn Ott

"And did you have your own private interview?" I asked.

"Yes. Baba called each of us in, one at a time, for a personal meeting."

"What happened when Baba called you in?"

"Baba asked me why I had come, and I said to Him, 'When a child cries for its mother and the mother doesn't come, then there's nothing for the child to do but go to the mother's room.'"

"You said that to Baba?"


"And what did Baba say?"

"He asked me, 'Where is Lyn?' I told Him, 'Lyn didn't come.'"

"Then Baba asked, 'Why didn't you bring Lyn?'"

"I said, 'Baba, Lyn has to bring himself.'"

"Then Baba said, 'Why didn't Lyn come?' Baba wouldn't let me off the hook."

"This is fascinating," I said.

Phyllis went on, "Then Baba looked me in the eye and said, ' Why didn't Lyn come?'"

"What did you say?" I asked her.

"I was hesitant, then surprised myself by saying, 'Lyn obeys.'"

"Then Baba said, 'And you, Phyllis, don't you obey?'"

"He pushed you right into a comer, I see. So what did you say?"

"I said, 'I do obey, but Baba doesn't.'"

"Really! You said that to Meher Baba?" I was astonished.

"Baba seemed to like that answer," Phyllis said, looking thoughtful. Of course, Baba understood what I meant. I meant it was certainly Baba's will that I should be there with him just then. Then Baba asked me, 'What do you want?'"

"I said, 'Now that I'm here, I would like to stay with you for two days before I have to go back to Bombay. I'm expected back in Woodstock on Christmas Eve.'"

"Baba said, 'No one is allowed to stay here anymore. But you can stay two days in Ahmednagar with Sarosh and Viloo.' So that was settled.

"Later on when we were all once again in Mandali Hall with Baba, Baba turned to His two young Australian visitors to ask them what their plans were. They told him they were planning to tour India, and Baba said, 'Normally I don't allow people to go sightseeing after visiting Me here. But I am freeing you to continue your tour of India. However, I would like you to go first to Poona to visit my brother Jal. He will show you around the places of interest in My life.' Eruch was conveying all of this to us directly from Baba's hand gestures.

"Baba turned to me then and said, 'Phyllis, how would you like to accompany these women to Poona, so as to meet my brother Jal?'

"I said, 'But Baba, we just established what I am going to do. However, thinking about your suggestion now, I'm feeling that's what I would really like to do.' So that's how it worked out."

I was utterly amazed at the feeling of intimacy with Baba, that Phyllis communicated to me, from just one meeting with the God-Man. Actually it could even be called three meetings for Phyllis told me she came in and out of Baba's presence three times that morning, as Baba called various individuals one at a time, after the initial assembly.


GLOW International, May, 1998, pp. 3-15
1998 © Craig Zenner

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