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Part Eighteen

Lyn Ott

"At that first gathering," Phyllis told me, "Baba asked, 'Are there any messages?' When no one answered, I said, 'Baba, I have a message from a friend of mine, named Otto. He asked me to tell you that he desperately needs your help.' This seemed to change Baba's whole mood. He seemed annoyed. Baba looked at me and said, 'Do you know how many millions of people need my help right now? You have had enough time.' I got the feeling I made a mistake bringing this message to Baba; I can see Otto had no legitimate place in all this."

"Then what?"

"Baba wanted me to visit with the women Mandali. I was taken around to Baba's house, where I met Baba's sister, Mani. Seeing me approach, she came down from the porch into the yard to greet me. Then Mani called out to Baba's beloved Mehera, 'Here's Phyllis, from whom we receive such loving letters!' Mani's words surprised me. I wondered, I write loving letters?

"Mehera came and kissed me square on the lips. Then Mehera talked to me about many wonderful things. I haven't time to tell all of it right now."

"Later," I said.

Phyllis said, "I felt I had made some kind of blunder delivering Otto's message. I decided I should tell Mani about Leslie's little message to Baba, not knowing what to do after Baba's reaction to Otto's message.

"Mani said when I told her Leslie's words, 'You must tell that to Baba.'

"When I came back into Mandali Hall toward the conclusion of the darshan, I told Baba, 'My little daughter Leslie asked me to say to you, 'Tell Baba I need Him so.' When I told Him this, Baba looked very pensive but said nothing."'

I was gaining a better insight into Baba, from all Phyllis was telling me. It appeared, one could not assume anything concerning Baba's way of working.

"Then Baba asked me, 'How are Lyn's eyes?' You recall I wrote to Mani about the Refining Pigmentosa. I think that might be why Baba wanted me to be there to meet Dara, whose visual capacity looked to me about like yours.

"I told Baba, 'Lyn sees much within his range, but his sight isn't very practical with such restricted field of vision. At times he needs quite a bit of help.'

"Then Baba said -- and I was very impressed with this -- 'I want Lyn to come to me. Tell him I will show him My face as it really is. This I give to very few.'

"I made a point of remembering Baba's exact words for I knew this was very important.

"Then I said to Baba, 'Baba, I think I made a mistake, not insisting that Lyn come with me because I can see now, it will be very hard for him to make all those connections on his own.'"

"And what did Baba say to that?"

"He asked me, 'Is there any reason why you cannot accompany him when he comes?'

"I just said, 'No, Baba.'

"So Baba told me, 'Then, I want you to accompany him, when he comes.' So you see, you are definitely going to see Baba. It's like an order."

"It is an order. I take it as His order."


GLOW International, May, 1998, pp. 3-15
1998 © Craig Zenner

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