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New Year's Gift: The Real Ring
Today You have disclosed to me the Real Ring You gave me at my birth.
Remember Me Full-Heartedly
Your acceptance of me was overwhelming.
What A Simple Solution!
But how difficult to live it!
A Thousand Different Flowers Open
May Baba guide each to find their center in Him.
The Meteoric Way
Life has become an adventure full of suspense, comprising moments of fear and agony, interspersed with moments of security and bliss.
Where Are You?
My heart was filled with an inexpressible joy.
His Infinite, Motherly Love And Compassion
Thus, Meher Baba's Name and Form have become, for me, tender reminders of His infinite, motherly love and compassion.
Dream Into Dream Of The Awakened One
Betrayed by my family and friends, disgusted with the ways of the world, I left my home. After a long, long journey I came to a most desolate region of rocks and thorns.
Attention And Recognition
I expected at least a little attention from someone.
My Eyes, Your Tears
It was a period of crisis — a long period that drained all my energy.
An Ever Flowing Stream Of Gratitude
Restlessly, I walked to and fro in my room.
I Am The Indivisible One
Don't divide life into the temporal and the spiritual.
What An Impossible Expectation!
My presence in you can be likened to a fountain.
Now It Does Not Matter
Whether it is Your compassion that refreshes me,
Or the flame of Your Love that frightens me,
I do not know, but now it does not matter.
Having Seen Him I Had Not Seen
I had seen Reality enformed; I had met in person the Impersonal; and, what a pity, I now wished to measure the Immeasurable with too unreliable a measure, the intellect!
Utterly Logical And Compelling Explanations
I had read the life stories of other Masters, and yet what I was discovering here, in Baba, seemed more dynamic, intimate, and all-encompassing than anything I had previously read or heard.
A Wonderful Coincidence
To my amazement, he rose to his feet, took my face in his hands, and reverently kissed my eyes, the eyes which had beheld the Saheb-e-Zaman (Avatar of the Age).
Sealed With A Kiss
That touch of my lips on the Avatar's cheek became the ever-lasting well spring of my love for Him.

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