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Baba clapped and I turned. He said, "You are My mother; you are also Mehera's mother."... Only years later did I begin to understand the meaning of Baba's words. Just as children are everything to their parents, Baba and Mehera were everything to Nariman and me.

Gift of God, p. 213
1996 © Meherazad Trust for Avatar Meher Baba


No One Can Stop Me From Coming To You
As the vision ended I was still singing.
I've Got To Get Well!
If Kaka Baria had not told us this story, we would not have known how directly Baba had intervened to save Dara's life.
I Said Baba's Name Over And Over Again
I awoke happy and exuberant, as though the experience had really happened.
A Feeling Of Weightlessness And Ecstasy
As I walked feebly toward the gate, I repeatedly said, "Please see that nobody touches my feet."
Mehera's Sari
Baba also gave me a pair of gold earrings and a blue sari with a green border that had belonged to Mehera.
My Destiny Entirely In Baba's Hands
Arnavaz N. Dadachanji: The sound of breaking glass was so loud that I thought every window in the car must have shattered.
Baba's Order Not To Cry
Nariman, Jim and Huma were present, and as I looked at their grim faces, I prepared myself for a shock.
Failing Is Part Of The Process
Paying attention to even the smallest of Baba's orders prepares us for the greater ones, which can be agonizing.
The Glorious Sight Of His Beauty
I saw Beloved Baba's form illuminated from behind by the rays of the rising sun.
I Said Yes Just To Obey Baba
I was so exhilarated at the prospect of going to a movie with Baba that I completely forgot my disappointment of the day before when He had given me the order to leave school.
Baba Would Often Walk Alone
He walked with long, graceful strides, His hair flowing, His sadra moving with the wind, while the ocean rippled and sparkled in the light of the setting sun.
I Was Consciously Awakening
Baba then turned to me and asked, "Do you know her?" pointing to Mehera. I said, "Yes, Baba, she's Mehera."
Take My Name When You Breathe Your Last
She repeated "Baba! Baba!" with such force that my whole body tingled.
Two Eager Children
During His second visit He took Gustadji on a tour of the apartment, and I had fun following the two of them around as Baba showed him each room.
Remember I Am God
Baba told us to be natural with Him, yet He expected us always to hold Him in the highest respect.
This Divine Love That You Feel Within
My work is to awaken in each this "Divine Spark" and when the response is as quick as is yours, then is My work made lighter and I suffer less.
I Was Born To His Love
Feeling both ecstasy and agony, I wept silently, my tears falling ceaselessly as I wondered what was happening to me.
What Happiness You Have Given Me
You have found the one thing in life worth having and worth striving for.
I Feel Like Running To You Wherever You Are
Whenever I get a few days holiday, I feel like running to You wherever You are, especially in Meherabad, as it is a heavenly place.
Now I Know What You Look Like
When she got near the window, she looked up and just gazed at Him.
A Very Long Time
Uncle Chanji said, "Arnavaz, I am not coming back for a long time."

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