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Bhauji's Family
When I met Baba I was already married and I had my daughter at that time.
The Prasad Of Enlightenment
Your motto of "Mastery in Servitude" which You fulfill through Narayan Seva (service to Unconscious God in creation) will become a ray of divine light for the world.
Glass Under Baba's Bed
This was a good lesson for me; and just to teach it to me and see that it penetrated deeply, Beloved Baba patiently sat on his bed for several hours having his room cleaned.
I Want To Die
I blurted out, "But I don't want to live to be seventy. I want to die. I want to die now!"
There Is A Flow Of Love In It
After that I just kept quiet and continued writing.
The Carelessness Of A Slave
I tell you honestly, the pain I am suffering from your carelessness is more than my suffering for the universe!
What A Sweet Voice Was In The Silence Of The Beloved
I am fully absorbed in this voice, and I don't know who am I and what I am doing.
Their Thirst Cannot Be Quenched
Have courage and be brave in My love. Everything will be all right, though it will take time.
I Am The Strength That Bears The Weight Of Your Helplessness
So that you may be able to bear the weight of your helplessness, I am your strength, and I am looking after you.
You Are Winning In My Love
Know well, I am extremely pleased with you, because you salute and bow down to the love My lovers have for Me.
In Order To Sow The Seeds You Have To Plow The Land
"'Baba, the boys are really good,' you told Me. 'They listen to me very attentively.'"
Be Cautious In Giving Treatment For The Disease
What is your duty? Your duty is to make people in the spiritual training program ready to take treatment.
It Is Not Difficult For Me
I like everything which Beloved Baba has given to me. There is some purpose behind it, and that's why He has given it.
Tears From The Bondage Of Love
I reflected on how much the Meherazad Mandali loves me, and how we are united in His love.

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